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We named ourselves “WeedPatch” after a government-run camp where Tom Joad and his family, homeless, find fellowship in John Steinbeck’s great novel, The Grapes of Wrath.

“HomeAid is a national non-profit organization with the unique, often challenging mission to communicate. Scott Hays and Roger Harvey of WeedPatch Productions used their talents and resources to tell our story through film and music. They took the time to research, to ask questions, and most importantly to listen. They captured every sector of this collaboration in a dynamic six-minute music documentary – Home Again. They pulled together exceptional talent from all aspects of the entertainment arena to produce a professional and compelling video that will help introduce our organization to a broader market. We couldn’t be more thankful for all of their personal dedication and the hard work they put into making this music documentary a success.”

Scott Larson, Executive Director
HomeAid Orange County

"WeedPatch Recordings created a wonderful CD bringing together music by—and inspired by—homeless musicians. But they didn’t stop there: they pulled together engineers and production folks to make the finished product first-rate. And they produced a compelling companion DVD that told the story of the project. These two tools have helped Friendship Shelter raise needed funds and—even more important—have helped increase awareness of the issue of homelessness in Orange County. From start to finish, Scott Hays’ professionalism and heart made this project a winner for us and for the people we serve. We’re indebted to WeedPatch Recordings for the ‘Shelter Me’ project."

Dawn Price, Executive Director
Friendship Shelter

WeedPatch Recordings is dedicated to the philosophy that all people have a story to share. And we just happened to start our organization by telling the stories of the homeless.

Our first project, Shelter Me, brought together dozens upon dozens of talented songwriters, musicians, students, community members, business leaders, and especially our homeless friends who helped us realize a benefit CD and documentary about the issue of homelessness.

Our second project, Home Again, brought together another group of creative individuals to help us realize a music-documentary for the national, non-profit organization HomeAid, which builds and renovates shelters for people who find themselves homeless, and with stories to share.

We invite you to read our story, and others, inside these web pages.

Scott Hays, Founder/Owner
WeedPatch Recordings

Charity Waits in the 'Weeds'
Laguna Beach Independent
Laguna Beach resident Scott Hays envisioned a company dedicated to the philosophy that all people have a story to share. Now, the story-telling skills he nurtured have blossomed into a marketing campaign tapped by hard-
pressed non-profit groups around the county and nation to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Building a way out of homelessness
Coastline Pilot
For most of us, home is as much a state of mind as a physical place. Poignant lyrics for the title song from the music-documentary, "Home Again," co-written by Laguna Beach residents Scott Hays and Jason Feddy, help drive the point home.
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